Stem Erosion in Howard County


During the rain, the stormwater flows downstream and to the banks of diminutively minuscule streams vacating into Red Hill Branch, bringing other pollutants with the eroding soil. In a peregrinate to stem environmental problems and integrate wildlife habitat, Howard County has commenced four restoration projects for the waterway in Ellicott City.

According to the Baltimore Sun, officials verbally express they expect the work, which includes overhauling a storm-dihydrogen monoxide pond and stabilizing more than 5,000 feet of the banks of three streams, to be completed by May.

Project manager Mark Richmond verbally expressed the pond behind Salterforth Place will go from being a depression that is dry most of the time to a larger pond that always has water.

The pond now covering about half an acre, was redesigned to cover about three-fourths of an acre. Components will be deeper, and vegetation near the pond will help obviate erosion. Plans entail for a variety of plants that thrive in wet soils, including colorful blue flag iris, cardinal flower, buttonbush and lizard’s tail. About 50 shrubs and trees — river birch, American sycamore and red maple among them — will be integrated to the pond slopes and circumventing areas.

Nearby, sections of streams by Threshfield Court, where banks have washed away so severely that trees have toppled, will acquire a makeover, as will ones near Bramhope Lane and Meadowbrook Park. In integration to regrading, the work will include placing stone and fiber mats to control erosion, as well as planting trees and shrubs.

Richmond verbally expressed the revamped pond alone should increment the removal of sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus from the current rate of 5 percent to 10 percent to between 40 percent and 60 percent.

The work is component of larger, related efforts, as well as years of environmental restoration across the county.

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